NH Shorefront Association 4-11-08

Dear Prospective NHSA Members,

SB-352 Changes to the CSPA:

A number of stakeholders met with the Department in a session chaired by House Resources, Recreation and Development vice-chair Rep. Don Brueggemann to discuss tentative amendment language to SB 352 (our thanks to Rep. Brueggemann for coordinating this meeting).

Click here to read the compromise language. This modifies the definition of “disturbed area” and adjusts the 50% area issue on smaller lots to 25%. This also clarifies the “impervious” area and the stormwater requirements for run-off design.

There will be a public hearing on the amendment this Tuesday, April 15th at 1:00 at the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee Meeting in Concord, NH.

We encourage those members that still have concerns, or would like to voice their opinion, to e-mail committee members this week to make them aware of the issues. Please remember to mention that you are a shorefront property owner. Feel free to include your opinion regarding the effective date (see below) change.

Click here to link to House RR&D Committee Members and mailing addresses.

CSPA Effective Date:

Please note, the effective date issue is still in play, with the Senate standing by their recommendation of extension to October 1st and the House considering a July 1st effective date alternative. The full NH House will be meeting in Session on Wednesday, April 16th and while the possibility of concurring with the Senate’s extension of the effective date exists, yet we do not anticipate this happening. Please note the effective date issue is an amendment to HB-1151.

As always, we are trying to grow our ranks. If everyone encourages at least one neighbor or friend to become a member, we’ll double our numbers. Please, let’s work on getting all shorefront owners involved. If you are reading this and you are not a member...join today!!!

Thank You,

Board of Directors

NH Shorefront Association