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When a buyer is buying a home, or is buying vacant land and has questions for cost on new construction or any type of remodel, it is recommended to reach out to a local builder for estimate costs.  The result of the cost of a remodel, or new build could be a deterrent for the buyer if the costs are too high.  It is good to have all information before moving forward with any type of purchase, especially a home.


Building Inspectors:

Each town has its own rules and codes along with the state codes.  The local town building inspector is a wealth of information if the buyer has any questions on any part of a home.  The building inspector can help you with electric, heat, water, structural, setbacks - any questions pertaining to the build of the home and the location of the home on the lot.


Town Officials:

The town officials in the town you are purchasing a home is a perfect place to start to acquire great info on all aspects of the town.  The building and codes office will have a file on record of all transactions that has been done on the property.  It should have the septic design, building permits, etc. They can also help with any permits needed if you are doing any type of remodel.  If the property has town water, electric and sewer, those departments are a good resource for costs of those utilities.

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