NH Shorefront Association 1-25-08

Env-Wq 1400 Rules - Click here to see the NHSA position.

Please note a few issues to consider under the proposed Env-Wq 1400 CSPA Rules:

  1. We believe that the State CSPA permit process should proceed before the local permit process. In speaking with a number of local officials, this seems to be their opinion also. The proposed rules require the local permit be received before submitting a CSPA permit application to NHDES. Please consider this issue and forward your thoughts on proposed rule Env-Wq 1406.11(a) .

  1. We do not believe there is any reason to include a “tree inventory” with permits for projects which are local only in nature, or do not include work in the 50 ft Waterfront Buffer area. This is a potentially large expense that does not provide any information that would need to be reviewed if there is no work proposed in this area. Please consider this issue and forward your thoughts on proposed rules Env-Wq 1406.08(k) and 1411.01(a).

You can forward your comments direct to NH DES: DES Rules Contact Information Page

CSPA Proposed Rules

CSPA RSA-483-B Summary of Changes effective 4/1/08.

Remember, comments must be received prior to end of business on Jan. 28, 2008.

VERNAL POOLS - NH DES has also released proposed rules on Vernal Pools. While this does not necessarily affect only shorefront owners, we encourage your involvement. At this point, NHSA will not be offering an official position, but we want to make all aware of the proposal. Click here to learn more about these rules. The public hearing will be February 21, 2008.

Should you like to comment: DES Rules Contact Information Page

As always, we appreciate your support and encourage you to get involved. Feel free to e-mail the Board if you have any questions or comments. Click here for E-mail and contact information.

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