NH Shorefront Association 1-31-08

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Senate Bill 417

We submitted testimony on Tuesday, Jan. 29th regarding SB-417. This bill seems to attempt to clarify the alleged “no cut” deed restriction by eliminating language that may refer to perpetual maintenance of a 50 point tree and sapling score in the Waterfront Buffer. This only relates to those cases where a proposal is greater than 20 percent impervious within 250 ft of the water and a property is possibly re-planted up to 50 points or cut down to 50 points. Sorry this cannot be clearer at this time, but it is a confusing and perhaps misunderstood issue. We will eventually post additional guidance on these issues. Click here to read our official position paper presented at the hearing.

Please note, we are being very careful to only support clarification at this point, but not modification to any of the standards and provisions of the “new” CSPA. We believe this position is important, at this point in time, as the “new” CSPA has not yet had a chance to develop any track record in terms of performance and/or water quality protection.

If you would like to learn more about the “new” CSPA, please visit: CSPA Changes


The new CSPA rules comment period ended on Monday, Jan 28th. DES is in the process of reviewing all of the input and creating the documents which will be the Final Proposed Rules. These rules must be reviewed by the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR). There will be another public hearing before the JLCAR Committee, although this has not yet been scheduled. When we know more, we will forward an update.

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