Depot Square in Wolfeboro, NH

The Depot Square Mission Statement

To locate and construct an architecturally pleasing building, so convenient, so comfortable, and so secure, that down-sizing will be welcomed with a sense of privilege rather than a feeling of compromise.

Location: This location is unique and it’s doubtful a location like this will ever be duplicated here in Wolfeboro. Where else can you live in an upscale building such as Depot Square right in the heart of downtown?

Privilege: The building is as architecturally pleasing inside, as it is out. Exclusive of the waterfront, Depot Square will come to be considered the best address in Wolfeboro.

Convenient: The convenience of a downtown location satisfies almost every need without driving, and takes advantage of the many convenient interior features such as:

  • Parking your car in a heated garage.
  • Taking the elevator up to a spacious, all on one level unit.
  • Each unit is loaded with conveniences, as well as handicap features, that are not institutional looking.
  • Living here will allow you to spend your available time and energy on the things that you enjoy most here in Wolfeboro, then turn the key and leave for indefinite periods without a single worry.
  • Comfort: In winter enjoy the physical comfort of radiant floor heating. For sedentary people and/or those with circulatory problems, radiant floor heating is a godsend. In summer, enjoy your central air conditioning system. The interior will feel “fall air” comfortable because it will be dry and the atmosphere quiet for sound sleeping.

Privacy: Extra heavy walls, floors and windows will minimize outside noise and eliminate transfer of sound from unit to unit.

Nostalgia: Around the holidays, enjoy the warmth and beauty of a gas fireplace turned on at the flick of a switch.

Involvement: In summer season, overlook the town and its activities from your deck or stroll to the festivities for just the period of time you like.

Relax: Year round, enjoy the comfort of being relieved from all the decisions, expenses, and frustrations of maintaining a single home. Call Keller Williams or walk up the street to their office and cheerfully get all the service you will ever need.

Security: In addition to having owner neighbors nearby, this building has a complete sprinkler system as well as a commercial type fire alarm system. Provisions have also been made for a security system of your choice plus a health monitoring system if that ever becomes a necessity.

We hope you will agree that Depot Square will more than meet its mission as the best residential location in Wolfeboro, the most architecturally pleasing building in Wolfeboro, and that Depot Square will have no equal in convenience, comfort and security for its owners.