Newest Listing First

My website shows you the newest listings first. While there are many ways on my website to view listings I choose to show you the newest first. You may be interested to learn exactly what makes a "new listing" new...

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Current vs. Pending Status

Ever wonder what the real estate agent means when they say that one property "is pending" and another "is current"? Read on...

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Maximizing the Value of Your Waterfront Property

Get the most from your waterfront property by following these 8 easy steps. A little work can go a long way in selling your property for the most money.

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Boathouse on Lake Winnipesaukee

In waterfront real estate being “grandfathered” is good thing too. So, what is “grandfathered” and how is it established?

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Winnipesaukee Home Sold in the Winter

The Best Time to sell a home in the Lakes Region

I am often asked the question, “Should I list my Lakes Region, NH home for sale over the winter or should I wait till summer?This is the million dollar question.

The Best Time to Sell

Keep Your Money Where It Is.

Before buying a home most people will need a loan (i.e. mortgage) from a bank (i.e. lender). One of the things a lender does is look at the activity during the last few months of your checking accounts, savings accounts, money market funs, etc. Why? Read on...

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Seven Important Tips For Home Buyers

In the excitement to buy a house, buyers make costly mistakes. Here are the top seven home buyer mistakes. Read them, use them, and avoid costly mistakes! Click headline for full article.

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Common Misspellings in New Hampsure

This article was created to explain the many misspellings for names up here in New Hampsure. Please note that I can mispell anything in this article and be forgiven (how fun!).

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Your Home Featured On My Site!

Prices are going higher, again. Please contact me to research what your property would bring in today's market. My listings receive the following benefits.....

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Real Estate Dictionary

Impress your Realtor. Impress your friends. Learn the lingo that Realtors use on a daily basis. Or just find find definitions to common real estate terminology. Over 200 definitions to everyday terms...

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