The Poor People's Pub goes smoke free

After 32 years of pizza, burgers and GREAT t-shirts, the Poor People's Pub has chosen to become a smoke free environment. Located in the heart of Wakefield, NH, the Town with seven lakes to enjoy all four seasons. Please pop in and support their decision, maybe I will see you there. Here is the announcement......

We, the owners and staff of the Poor People's Pub, have an exciting announcement to make...and also an appeal for your help.

After thirty-two years, on Friday, May 28th (the Friday of Memorial Day weekend) the Pub will become a smoke-free environment!

As you might expect, not all of our long-standing loyal customers (and employees) are pleased with this action; we anticipate the implementation to be somewhat controversial...and risky. They worry that business will decline and fret over their job security.

So, we are asking you for help. If, when you come in to the Pub (and we sincerely hope you will!), you would offer positive comments and feedback to our staff regarding the smoke-free environment, it would be greatly appreciated. Let them know that you appreciate our decision.

You will be greatly rewarded for the support you offer us...with healthier lungs, cleaner smelling air, and a healthier eating environment with good food prepared in a smoke-free space.

We thank you in advance for your continued support. If you can help us spread this message, please do so...pass it along via email and word-of-mouth.


Jim, Becky and Marilyn Keating