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HB 383 - FINAL VERSION (ShoreLand Protection Act)

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AN ACT relative to waterfront buffer and woodland buffer requirements in the comprehensive shoreland protection act.


This bill adds a waterfront buffer requirement and modifies the natural woodland buffer requirement of the comprehensive shoreland protection act. This bill also repeals the authorization for certain municipalities to maintain defined primary building lines.

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Update on the proposed Lake Winnipesaukee speed limit

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Committee sinks boat speed limit program

by Geoff Cunningham Jr.

A proposal for a pilot program that would have placed a speed limit on portions of Lake Winnipesaukee is dead in the water, but a bill that could make such limits permanent is "alive and well" and may now have an even better chance of passing this coming year.

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Update on NH home sales on

N.H. home sales fall, prices steady

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2007New Hampshire home prices took only a minor hit, but sales volume dropped in the first half of 2007, according to the New Hampshire Association of Realtors.

Residential sales volume in the first six months of 2007 was 5,929 units, down 9.3 percent from the 6,539 units sold in the first half of 2006 and down 22 percent from 2004 -- the peak year, when 7,594 units sold between January and June, according to the trade group.

Residential sale prices remained relatively stable in the first six months of 2007 at an average of $303,038 -- a 1.6 percent decline from last year's average of $307,875, which was the peak year historically for January-to-June sale prices. And the June average of just under $313,000 marked the fourth consecutive month in 2007 that the average price has increased.

"During this serious housing downturn in other parts of the nation, values in New Hampshire are holding up quite well," said NHAR demographer Peter Francese, who also pointed to the fact that New Hampshire has one of the lowest home foreclosure rates in the nation as a positive sign.

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The decrease in volume and a six-day increase in average days on market (108 in June 2006, 114 in June 2007) has led to a large number of active residential listings.

As of July 16, there was more than a nine-month supply of inventory, with over 12,700 listings in New Hampshire, and 1,377 residences having sold in June, according to NHAR. - JEFF FEINGOLD

You have to love it.

Logo touts sales tax-free N.H.

Published: Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 at read article


The New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development, in partnership with the New Hampshire Retail Merchants Association, has launched a logo touting the state's tax-free shopping for use by the state's retailers on the eve of the Massachusetts sales tax holiday.

The logo, created as a reminder to Massachusetts residents that every day is a sales tax holiday in New Hampshire, prominently displays the phrase "Tax-Free Shopping in New Hampshire - 365 Days a Year."

The Massachusetts sales tax holiday is taking place Aug. 11 and 12. The sales tax holiday will suspend the 5 percent sales tax and apply to purchases up to $2,500.

The New Hampshire Retail Merchants Association will encourage its membership to use the logo in marketing materials year-round, said the association's president, Nancy Kyle.

"The logo was created to support the state's retail industry in marketing our unique tax advantage," Kyle said. "The Massachusetts sales tax holiday generates publicity and media coverage - and anything that generates interest in retailing and sales tax-free shopping benefits New Hampshire retailers and provides them a tremendous promotional opportunity."

Study forecasts more foreclosures

Here is an article in the Union Leader, by TOM FAHEY which gives the Subprime picture in New Hamshire.

TOM FAHEY State House Bureau Chief

CONCORD - New Hampshire will see foreclosures continue to increase into 2008 as subprime mortgages continue to fail, a study released yesterday said.

Despite the increase, foreclosures will not rise to the level they hit during the early 1990s, and will not drag down New Hampshire banks, according to the study by Brian Gottlob of PolEcon Research in Dover. The New Hampshire Bankers Association asked Gottlob to conduct the study.

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New Hampshire Tax Laws

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No state income tax is one thing I love about New Hampshire and no sales tax is a close second. When you buy a t-shirt with Lake Winnipesaukee and a price of $20 dollars on it, you can give them a $20 bill and it is enough!

The state has a good site to explain the other tax implications of living and visiting New Hampshire. NH State Taxes at a Glance

NH Water quality and lake sizes

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Most everyone knows about Lake Winnipesuakee, but often times you would like more information on the surrounding lakes. A good resource comes from the University of New Hampshire. Just pick a lake name and it gives statistics on the lake, such as waterdepth, size and water quality.

Boat speed limits remain in dry dock

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A plan to set speed limits in two parts of Lake Winnipesaukee is still idling in Concord, awaiting approval from the state's Joint Legislative Rules Committee.

By ROGER AMSDEN New Hampshire Union Leader Correspondent

Full Article in the Union Leader.

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