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Paint Winni 360 Tour

Dow Realty Group is happy to promote Paint Winni of Wolfeboro. The Clement Family is a huge supporter of the community and we want to support their latest venture right here in Wolfeboro. 

Prior to the Clement and Anderson families buying Johnson Paint in March 2020, it was a community staple for quality paints and wallpapers in the Wolfeboro area since 1987.

In November 2020, Johnson Paint was rebranded to Paint Winni. Since then, many updates have been made to the store. Take a look around on the Dow Realty Group 360 Tour. Below are a few before pictures. As you can see, the Clement and Anderson families have been busy.





Are you interested in having a 360 Tour done for your business? Email us!


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Cycle Your Way: Virtual Cycle the Seacoast Provides Flexibility

Learn how you can participate in the American Lung Association’s 12th annual Cycle the Seacoast event.

Looking for a great way to explore the outdoors while supporting lung health research?

The American Lung Association’s 12th annual Cycle the Seacoast fundraising ride has been reimagined as a virtual event. Cycle the Seacoast is happening now through June 30, 2021 and is open to participants from across the world.

Profits raised from Cycle the Seacoast support public health efforts related to lung disease, including COVID-19 research. Funds benefit both national and local initiatives such as the Open Airways program, which helps teach elementary school children how to better manage their asthma.

In 2020 the Cycle the Seacoast event went virtual only a month prior to what was supposed to be event day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for this year’s event, they had time and experience on their side. Some of the aspects of the virtual event will carry over even when Cycle the Seacoast is back in person as well.

One of the advantages of the ride being virtual this year is the accessibility for anyone who wants to participate, no matter where in the world they live. Everyone that registers for the event will have access to various fundraising tools and are able to earn incentives and prizes throughout the event.

The 2020 event, despite unexpected obstacles, was incredibly successful and raised $80,000. The fundraising goal for this year is $100,000. Since 2010, the annual event has raised almost $1 million for the American Lung Association.

The American Lung Association has committed $25 million over the next three years for their COVID-19 Action Initiative. This initiative will help provide lung health education and masks to those in need, protect public health by advocating for COVID-19 and flu vaccines in underserved communities of color and invest in respiratory virus research to prevent future outbreaks.

Interested in participating? Visit the Cycle the Seacoast event website to register and find more information. There are options to register as an individual, find a team or begin one. Choose the “Cycle Your Way” option and use the discount code “NHMAG” for $10 off registration. From there, you will receive everything you need to successfully participate in the virtual event.

Cyclists can complete 25, 50 or 100 miles of riding, either on an indoor bike, outdoor bike or mix of both. The pace is self-directed as well, and participants can complete the challenge in segments if desired. These mileage goals are intended to be completed by June 30, but there is no mandatory mileage requirement.

One reason to participate is to “just to be part of something bigger than yourself,” says Melissa Walden, development manager for Cycle the Seacoast and the American Lung Association. “A lot of people feel a little bit helpless in these times. Seeing all these people get out and ride in support of lung health will help you get motivated and have a sense of community.”

Walden says one of the biggest challenges with a virtual event is creating the mindset for participants that Cycle the Seacoast can still be fun and interactive despite the absence of an in-person ride.

All virtual participants that reach the minimum fundraising amount of $200, or $100 for participants aged 17 or younger, by June 30, 2021 will receive a medal and T-shirt. There are more incentives available when participants raise beyond the required amount, including an awesome cycling jersey.

As mentioned above, cyclists can choose any path, trail or road to complete the event. Starting in April, the event organizers will provide some sample route options throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, including the original in-person routes starting and ending at Cisco Brewers Portsmouth.

The American Lung Association will offer weekly challenges and giveaways beginning in mid-April. There are a variety of ways to connect with fellow participants and event organizers via social media. Download the free Cycle for Air phone app for easy fundraising, challenges and GPS recording, link your own GPS device to the Cycle for Air app and/or the Cycle the Seacoast Strava club, or join the Facebook group to stay in touch with participants around the world.

Feel free to reach out to event manager Melissa Walden with questions via email or phone: / (207) 624-0306.

New Hampshire Magazine is a proud sponsor of this event.

Learn More Here!

NH's First Whitewater and Recreation Mill City Park coming to Franklin

New Hampshire will soon be the home of the first whitewater park in New England. The massive make-over for downtown Franklin includes a park and camping area.

In a story on WCVB, they report that Mill City Park at Franklin Falls has been years in the making. The nonprofit will transform the downtown section of Franklin into the whitewater park, surrounded by walking and biking trails, camping and even an amphitheater.

“There’s about 300 whitewater parks in the country, there’s over 30 in Colorado alone, but there’s not one up here,” founder of Mill City Park Marty Parichand said.

Construction is set to begin on the park in July, with perpetual waves built into Winnipesaukee River for kayaking, boogie board and whitewater rafting year-round. The opening is scheduled for the end of September.

“We are re-inventing ourselves in the outdoor recreation community and the whitewater park is the anchor, but we have several other things going on,” Franklin City Manager Judie Milner said.

The project with break ground on 13 acres of city-owned land that will become a free community adventure park, featuring mountain biking and climbing.

Campsite and cabin rentals will help fund the park. Officials expect more than 160,000 visitors a year.

“This area around us is kind of on the outskirts of the Lakes Region and has been forgotten, so all of this area we’ll build back up,” Milner said.

For more information, go to:

Ice Out on Lake Winnipesaukee

According to, "Ice-Out" on Lake Winnipesaukee is the moment when the ice that has covered the Lake since late December or early January melts enough that the M/S Mount Washington cruise ship could navigate between its ports in Alton Bay, Center Harbor, Weirs Beach, Meredith and Wolfeboro.

Ice-Out is anxiously awaitied by residents and visitors since it is the traditional start of the spring season and many Islanders regain water access to their cottages. The date has been observed and recorded for over 135 years. The setting of the exact date and time is non-scientific and is now determined by an observer in a small plane from Emerson Aviation that flies over the lake several times a day. When the pilot makes the Ice-Out call it is considered official."


Ice-Outs by Date

Date Graph Years
March 18 X 2016
March 23 X 2012
March 24 X 2010
March 28 X 1921
March 30 X 1946
April 1 X 1945
April 2 X 1903
April 3 XXX 1953,1957, 2006
April 4 X 1902
April 5 XX 1981,2002
April 6 XX 1910,2020
April 7 XX 1930,1998
April 8 XXXX 1936,1949,1991,1999
April 10 XXXX 1925,1948,1983,2000
April 11 XX 1892,1931
April 12 XX 1987,2009
April 13 XX 1927,1958
April 14 XXXX 1889,1898,1951,1985
April 15 XXX 1914,1968,1995
April 16 XXXXXXXX 1916,1941,1954,1973,1974,1976,1986,1988
April 17 XXXXXXX 1913,1922,1938,1980,1996,2013,2017
April 18 XXX 1924,1929,1942
April 19 XXXXX 1909,1928,1955,1960,2011
April 20 XXXXXXXXXXX 1894,1901,1932,1950,1952,1963,1966,1967,1984,2004,2005
April 21 XXXX 1908,1934,1935,1992
April 22 XXX 1965,1990,1993
April 23 XXXXXXXXX 1891,1896,1897,1912,1977,1994, 2007,2008,2014
April 24 XXXXXXXXXXXX 1890,1905,1915,1918,1919,1920,1923,1947,1962,1997,2015,2019
April 25 XXXXXX 1933,1937,1969,1975,1989,2003
April 26 XXXXXX 1895,1900,1906,1959,1979,2018
April 27 XX 1961,1978
April 28 XXX 1917,1964,1970
April 29 XXX 1904,1907,1982
April 30 X 1943
May 2 XXXXX 1899,1911,1926,1972,2001
May 3 X 1944
May 4 XX 1939,1940
May 5 X 1956
May 6 X 1971
May 7 X 1887
May 10 X 1893
May 12 X 1888

Ice-Outs by Year

Year Date
1887 May 7
1888 May 12
1889 April 14
1890 April 24
1891 April 23
1892 April 11
1893 May 10
1894 April 20
1895 April 26
1896 April 23
1897 April 23
1898 April 14
1899 May 2
1900 April 26
1901 April 20
1902 April 4
1903 April 2
1904 April 29
1905 April 24
1906 April 26
1907 April 29
1908 April 21
1909 April 19
1910 April 6
1911 May 2
1912 April 23
1913 April 17
1914 April 15
1915 April 24
1916 April 16
1917 April 28
1918 April 24
1919 April 24
1920 April 24
1921 March 28
1922 April 17
1923 April 24
1924 April 18
1925 April 10
1926 May 2
1927 April 13
Year Date
1928 April 19
1929 April 18
1930 April 7
1931 April 11
1932 April 20
1933 April 25
1934 April 21
1935 April 21
1936 April 8
1937 April 25
1938 April 17
1939 May 4
1940 May 4
1941 April 16
1942 April 18
1943 April 30
1944 May 3
1945 April 1
1946 March 30
1947 April 24
1948 April 10
1949 April 8
1950 April 20
1951 April 14
1952 April 20
1953 April 3
1954 April 16
1955 April 19
1956 May 5
1957 April 3
1958 April 13
1959 April 26
1960 April 19
1961 April 27
1962 April 24
1963 April 20
1964 April 28
1965 April 22
1966 April 20
1967 April 20
1968 April 15
Year Date
1969 April 25
1970 April 28
1971 May 6
1972 May 2
1973 April 16
1974 April 16
1975 April 25
1976 April 16
1977 April 23
1978 April 27
1979 April 26
1980 April 17
1981 April 5
1982 April 29
1983 April 10
1984 April 20
1985 April 14
1986 April 16
1987 April 12
1988 April 16
1989 April 25
1990 April 22
1991 April 8
1992 April 21
1993 April 22
1994 April 23
1995 April 15
1996 April 17
1997 April 24
1998 April 7
1999 April 8
2000 April 10
2001 May 2
2002 April 5
2003 April 25
2004 April 20
2005 April 20
2006 April 3
2007 April 23
2008 April 23
2009 April 12
Year Date
2010 March 24
2011 April 19
2012 March 23
2013 April 17
2014 April 23
2015 April 24
2016 March 18
2017 April 17
2018 April 26
2019 April 24
2020 April 6
2021 ?

NHTP's 5th Annual Storytelling Festival

Saturday, April 10 2021, 8:00pm

New Hampshire Theatre Project brings the 5th Annual Storytelling Festival to The Music Hall’s Historic Theater in the heart of Portsmouth. Five captivating storytellers will take to the stage to tell traditional and personal tales inspired by NHTP’s 2020-21 MainStage theme “What Are You Waiting For?” Featured artists include traditional tellers Diane Edgecomb and Simon Brooks, monologists Sharon Jones Jenkins and Pat Spalding, and spoken word artist Maya Williams. With stories of personal trials, overcoming adversity, and finding joy in even the darkest of times, the evening will be woven together by host and master storyteller Genevieve Aichele, and the music of Randy Armstrong, a virtuoso musician with decades of experience in world fusion music.


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