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HB 383 - FINAL VERSION (ShoreLand Protection Act)

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AN ACT relative to waterfront buffer and woodland buffer requirements in the comprehensive shoreland protection act.


This bill adds a waterfront buffer requirement and modifies the natural woodland buffer requirement of the comprehensive shoreland protection act. This bill also repeals the authorization for certain municipalities to maintain defined primary building lines.

 Read for yourself

New Hampshire Tax Laws

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No state income tax is one thing I love about New Hampshire and no sales tax is a close second. When you buy a t-shirt with Lake Winnipesaukee and a price of $20 dollars on it, you can give them a $20 bill and it is enough!

The state has a good site to explain the other tax implications of living and visiting New Hampshire. NH State Taxes at a Glance

NH Water quality and lake sizes

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Most everyone knows about Lake Winnipesuakee, but often times you would like more information on the surrounding lakes. A good resource comes from the University of New Hampshire. Just pick a lake name and it gives statistics on the lake, such as waterdepth, size and water quality.

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate Blog

Welcome to my Real Estate Blog. I live and work on Lake Winnipesaukee. The purpose of this blog is to give the soft side of real estate, as well as some local knowledge about living here.

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