Lakeside on Lake Winnipesaukee

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2011 Year in Review - Lakes Region Real Estate

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The Adam | Dow Report

2011 Year in Review

This real estate report takes a look at market trends including:

  • Lake Winnipesaukee Homes sold from 2003 through 2011
  • Wolfeboro Homes sold from 2000 through 2011
  • Winnipesaukee Condos sold from 2000 through 2011

Please contact me if you have any questions about New Hamphsire Lakes Region Real Estate.

Wolfeboro Parks and Rec 2011 Summer/Fall Brochure

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2011Spring-SummerBrochure Black-White--FINAL 4-1-11.pdf

The Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation Department provides year-round recreation opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages.  As the nation's oldest summer resort community, Wolfeboro prides itself on providing parks, beaches, recreational programs and facilities to suit just about any taste.

Every Real Estate Market is Local


Here is the article:
The United States of America According to Google Autocomplete
Ever wonder what a map of the U.S. would look like if all of the states' names were altered to match the suggestions offered by Google's autocomplete search algorithm? Wonder no longer.
Some -- like "Washington Post," "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and "Arizona State University" -- came as no surprise. But I couldn't have guessed that "Utah Jazz" and "Hawaii Five O" would have made the map, and I'll admit to looking up "Missouri Compromise" on Wikipedia. (It was an agreement passed in 1820 that effectively prohibited slavery in the northern part of what was then called the Louisiana Territory, except within the borders of the proposed state of Missouri. In case you were wondering about that, too.)




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