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Blog :: 01-2008

NH Shorefront Association

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Here is the latest from the NH Shorefront Association

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 The NH Shorefront Association (NHSA) is dedicated to awareness of regulatory proposals and potential changes that may affect shorefront property.  The NHSA is the only state-wide organization focused specifically on the interests of waterfront owners and dedicated to balanced resource management.  We believe that reasonable development and reasonable environmental stewardship can exist in harmony.  We want to protect water quality for generations to come.

During the Fall and Winter of 2006-07, in reviewing the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (CSPA) many changes were discussed, hearings were held, and statutes were passed by the NH Legislature with little input from the actual waterfront regulated community.  Only at the very end of the process, after the NH House had already passed the bills, did shorefront owners get involved in the process.  It was at this point that a number of us realized that there needed to be a better way to get information available, during the off season, to waterfront owners and interested parties.  The obvious next step is to use this information to lobby pro-actively on behalf of shorefront owners.

By joining, you will be aware of proposals and future changes that affect your property and you will have access to information so that you can be involved in the process up-front, rather than after the changes have already been enacted.  As our organization grows, we endeavor to pro-actively affect change in the regulatory environment affecting waterfront property.

Here is their website:

Speed Limit Passes House

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There is hot debate on the Lake Winnipesaukee speed limit. The house has passed a two year speed limit. We already have laws that protect the safety of poeple on Lake Winnipesaukee. You can not come within 150 feet of other boaters, whether you are doing 20 or 120 is does not matter. Enforce existing laws, don't create new ones.

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 Lynch says boat speeds not the worst problem on the lakes

Article Date: Thursday, January 31, 2008

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) _ (New Hampshire) Governor John Lynch says he's not sure he'd sign a plan to set overall boat speed limits on Lake Winnipesaukee

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Stimulus plan

Stimulus plan also sparks housing market

The measures would make mortgages easier to get and reduce borrowing costs -- especially in hard-hit, high-cost housing markets.

By Les Christie, staff writer January 25 2008: 3:46 AM EST ( 

The economic stimulus plan announced Thursday by Congress and the Bush administration includes provisions that specifically address the mortgage crisis. It aims to make getting a mortgage easier and cheaper in high-cost markets, to facilitate refinancing and to prevent foreclosures.The package proposes lifting the dollar amount of loans that are eligible for purchase by Freddie Mac (FRE, Fortune 500) and Fannie Mae (FNM). These government sponsored enterprises currently guarantee a secondary market for loans of less than $417,000, which makes lenders more willing to issue them. The stimulus package proposes raising that cap to $625,000 for twelve months in order to make it easier for buyers to get or refinance mortgages - especially in high-cost regions like California."It's about time," said Richard DeKaser, chief economist for banking giant National City Corp. "The idea has rattled around Congress for a year. Most analysts agree the market for "jumbo" loans [which exceed the cap limits] has been hurt by lender flight."The increased cap should give a boost to some of the most sluggish markets in the nation, like Florida, where high home prices typically mean that mortgages exceed the $417,000 loan limits. When credit markets contracted last summer, jumbo loans over that amount became much harder to get and, as a result, home sales in pricey markets took a hit."This will have a big, immediate impact, especially in California where sales have been down most significantly," said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors.Homeowners with jumbo mortgages also pay higher interest rates because, with no guaranteed secondary market for the loans, lenders take on more risk, and charge borrowers more for doing so.

For instance, the interest rate difference between loans that fall within the cap limit and jumbo loans was more than 1 percent on Thursday -- 6.39 percent compared with 5.30 percent, according to On a $500,000 mortgage, the difference is about $350 a month.

"The 1 percent drop is a huge factor," said Yun. "In California, it could create a mini-boom."Before the stimulus package was announced, analysts including Merrill Lynch had come out with dire forecasts for housing markets over the next couple of years. But, said Mike Larson, a real estate analyst with Weiss Research. "[the raise in loan limits] could remove some of the inventory overhang and alter the buyer psychology a bit. Right now they're still waiting for prices to fall."Yun added, "There's a lot of pent-up demand in the market. This will boost confidence among these potential buyers, and some of the people on the fence will start buying."The National Association of Realtors recently projected that a higher loan limit, which the organization and other industry trade groups have been lobbying for, would boost home sales by nearly 350,000 a year. It would also reduce the average period of time a home sits on the market by a month and a half, and lift prices by two or three percentage points.Home price increases could help keep foreclosures in check by increasing a distressed owner's home equity, making it easier for them to refinance.  To top of page

Shoreland Protection Reaction

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Critics: Public unaware of effect of shoreland rules By PAULA TRACY New Hampshire Union Leader Staff

CONCORD - If you want to put that deck on to Grandma's cottage by the lake this spring, expect to spend thousands of dollars having the property surveyed to make sure it meets new standards for the state's comprehensive shoreland protection act, builders told state officials yesterday.

More than 50 waterfront property owners, contractors, town officials and tree company officials attended a public hearing yesterday at the state Department of Environmental Services where the details of the new standards for waterfront development were outlined.

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Gunstock is celebrating its 70th

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Gunstock Mountain Resort is celebrating it's 70th Anniversary. Enjoy a weekend full of events:

  • Roaming entertainment Saturday and Sunday 1p-4p
  • Live band, Main Hall, Saturday 6p-10p
  • Felicity the Clown, Sunday 930a-1230pm with games, balloons and fun for all ages
  • Birthday cake Saturday night
  • Sunday afternoon S'mores
  • Paul Luff of the 3 Paul's Live in the Powder Keg Bar and Grille from 3pm-6pm Saturday night

Event website

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