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"The Critical Edge", NH DES gives news about the CSPA

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The bottom line is everyone would prefer clean lakes, rivers and streams. New Hampshire's DES has been working very hard on the new Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act. In a continuing effort to inform the public and waterfront owners about the changes in the regulations and the enforcement of the rules, they have produced their first edition of "The Critical Edge" newsletter.

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Now go dig your foundations before July 1, 2008

Shoreland Protect update

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Dear Prospective NHSA Members,


SB-352 Changes to the CSPA:


The NH House RR&D committee voted 15-2 to recommend approval of the amended version of this bill.  These changes clarify the impervious limits to either 20% or 30% and simplify the requirements for increase from 20% to 30% by removing the requirement of a deed restriction.  Click here to read the amendment.


CSPA Effective Date - July 1, 2008:


The House RR&D Committee voted to "concur" with the NH Senate in their amendment to HB-1601 change of the effective date to July 1st.  This was later supported by a vote of the full House changing the effective date of the CSPA to July 1, 2008.  We expect the Governor will sign this bill in the next few days.


Again, we apologize for the confusing nature of these updates, but this has been a very confusing process.  Thanks for bearing with us...


Remember, we are a growing organization and need new members.  Please, discuss these issues with your neighbors and let's work towards getting all shorefront owners involved.  PLEASE JOIN TODAY!!!


Thank You,


Board of Directors

NH Shorefront Association