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Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate Update 1st half of 2012

Eye on Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate | Market update 1st half 2012


There is been positive activity on Lake Winnipesaukee in 2012, but mostly in the under one-million dollar category.  The number of sales in the first half of 2012 almost doubled over last year!

Well, Mitt Romney is here this week and I here Jimmy Fallon is too, which means more exposure for our wonderful region.

Lakeside on Lake Winnipesaukee

[gallery ids="173740404,173740405,173740406,173740407,173740408,173740409"]

[gallery ids="173740404,173740405,173740406,173740407,173740408,173740409"]

Lake Winnipesaukee Market Update

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate Market Stats

Signs of continued recovery

We have been watching the Lake Winnipesaukee Market very closely and through the first quarter of 2012 the trend continues to be more sales in the lower end. Having the volume of sales increase shows that demand is still there for waterfront properties, so values will follow. The other sign of recovery is the volume of sold listings, we saw the total volume of listings sold jump from $8,657,000 to $9,835,000 in the first quarter of 2012 as compared to 2011.

June is first of the big closing months in the Lakes Region, so we will soon see what type of year it is going to be. I have heard of a number of properties going under agreement and anticipate some more positive movement.

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Interesting Poll

I sent a survey to 350 realtors in the Lakes Region requesting the number of "Active Lake Winnipesaukee Buyers" they were working with as clients. I stressed active because I wanted the number to be relevant to the current market place. The results were interesting and prove there is a pent up demand. There are 171 people actively looking for a special spot on the Lake.  This number represents just under 10% of the realtors responding to the survey.

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate Market Stats

I didn't listen to my Realtor.....Me

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Yes, it is a great time to buy and I am not just saying that..... We are purchasing a condo in Ski Country...Bretton Woods. I am representing myself and our partners in the purchase. It is a short sale and it has had all the fun associated with getting a short-sale offer approved by the bank. Being a realtor, it is great to go through the buying or selling experience every once in a while to regain perspective on what your clients have to deal with during the process.

As we enter the home stretch on the road towards closing, I look back and see how easy it is to make mistakes in the process. Our major mistake in purchasing the condo is going with a lender that had never loaned on a condo in the association prior to our purchase. The result was the underwriters had to approve the condo association in its entirety prior to our purchase. The problem was not the lender, we went with a reputable lender and had a great mortgage officer; it was just their first time with this particular association. So...we have had to jump through a couple unnecessary hoops because I did not take my own advice. When you are purchasing a property, always go with lenders and insurance providers who know the area.  These professionals have dealt with obstacles common with the territory, i.e., private roads, island properties, associations, resort atmosphere, etc. Our closing has been held up for a week and a half, and we had to switch programs because the underwriter did not understand the condo development in which we are buying. It was a frustration that could have been avoided, if we had only listened to our realtor...oh wait, that's me.

One side note: We have been working with Terry Penner at Peabody and Smith Realtors, who is representing the sellers. Terry has been wonderful through the transaction, if you need an agent up there, look no further.

Moorings available in Wolfeboro

View of the Wolfeboro Corinthian Yacht Club

The Wolfeboro Corinthian Yacht Club is now offering several moorings in their deep water mooring field for rent during the 2012 season. These moorings were previously unavailable and are located in their prime location in Wolfeboro harbor within walking distance to town. They rent for $1,800 and include launch shuttle service to/from the mooring field; Restroom facilities; a newly renovated dock, a dumpster for trash and parking for one vehicle.

This is a great way to enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee and have a nice off the water home in Wolfeboro. Why wouldn't you live in a vacation town?

Peter Ferber at The Art Place in Wolfeboro

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The Art Place in Wolfeboro is home to many local and talented artists and photographers, one of the most famous artists being Peter Ferber.[gallery link="file"]

He has been the creator of the Boat Show Poster for years and has captured many beautiful scenes on Lake Winnipesaukee and of the lakes region with his brush. They make great closing gifts. For example, I would give the Wentworth Poster above to a client who purchases on Lake Wentworth. I can usually find a Ferber Print matching where the waterfront clients have purchased.

This Saturday, The Art Place is hosting a Peter Ferber event, not to be missed. Click here for the press release on or click here for information about The Art Place in Wolfeboro, NH.

2011 Year in Review - Lakes Region Real Estate

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The Adam | Dow Report

2011 Year in Review

This real estate report takes a look at market trends including:

  • Lake Winnipesaukee Homes sold from 2003 through 2011
  • Wolfeboro Homes sold from 2000 through 2011
  • Winnipesaukee Condos sold from 2000 through 2011

Please contact me if you have any questions about New Hamphsire Lakes Region Real Estate.

Lakes Region 2011 year-end Real Estate Reports

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Included in the report are: 2011 Report - Click Here

Winnipesaukee Homes Sold 2003-2011

  •     Total Number of Homes Sold
  •     Median Price
  •     Highest Price
  •     Days on Market (DOM)

Wolfeboro Homes Sold 2000-2011

  • Total Number of Homes Sold
  • Median Price
  • Highest Price
  • Days on Market (DOM)

Winnipesaukee Condos Sold 2000-2011

  • Total Number of Condos Sold
  • Median Price
  • Highest Price
  • Days on Market (DOM)

 Here is a link the summary report:

2011 Report - Click Here