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Well, Everyone guessed wrong! April 1, it is

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I was just talking with one builder who was told by a senator and the town, that he was all set and there was no need to push his client or suppliers, now he does not know what to think. This is going to be interesting.

Dear Prospective NHSA Members,


SENATE UPDATE:  the Senate did not act on the amendment to HB-1151 so the CSPA will take effect on April 1st.  There is still discussion about changing the effective date, but any changes would only take place after April 1st.


SHORELAND RULES:  The JLCAR approved the latest version of the CSPA rules at its meeting today. Click here to review the latest version of the rules.


A significant component of the rules is the section regarding "vested rights".  If you have a project in the final stages of planning, or underway, you should become familiar with this section very soon.


However, there was considerable discussion about the fact that this is not perfect and that many clarifications will be necessary to issues surrounding the CSPA statute and that these changes can only happen legislatively. 


We addressed these on-going issues briefly with a number of legislators after the JLCAR meeting and stressed the importance of these clarifications being completed prior to the June legislative recess.


DES presented the JLCAR members with a copy of the new CSPA permit application, permit checklist, waiver form, and the variance form.  As soon as these forms are available, we will add a link on the website.


Thank You,


Board of Directors

NH Shorefront Association

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