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More valuable information from the NH Shorefront Owners Association

Important information, please take note:

HB-490 UPDATE: The NH House Ways & Means Committee voted HB 490 ITL (Inexpedient To Legislate) earlier this week. This legislation could have had significant financial implications for shorefront property owners.

Discussions under review were leading legislators to consider a tax on shoreline frontage on all bodies of water retained by state owned dams. This tax, as discussed, ranged from $0.25 to $0.50 per foot of shoreline annually. Two frustrations for those involved were the potential for administrative inefficiencies at the state level and the obvious costs incurred to set-up a program which currently does not exist. Please keep in mind that there is no organized system for the state to know who owns shorefront property, how much frontage they own as well as no provision to collect these taxes.

In our opinion, the inefficiencies in the administration of any such program would have rendered it financially irresponsible. Through diligent lobbying efforts by the NHSA, and many others along the way, this bill will be recommended Inexpedient to Legislate before the House when the body begins its work in January.

Please visit: to learn more and see the list of LSR's. We will update the links when language becomes available.

Without your help and input, these types of Bills could become Law. Ask someone to join today - Click here to print a membership form.

Thank You,

Board of Directors

NH Shorefront Association

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