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10 Good Reasons to Forget Lake Winnipesaukee

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Why buy a waterfront home on Lake Winnipesaukee when you could vacation on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard or other hard-to-get-to New England vacation destinations? Here are ten good reasons to avoid the Lakes Region.


To Avoid Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Reason 1: You Enjoy Paying State Taxes

New Hampshire has no income tax or sales tax. So spending all or part of your time at your home at Lake Winnipesaukee would deprive you of that pleasure.

Reason 2: You Prefer Remote Locations

Lake Winnipesaukee is only a two-hour drive from Boston. So the kids can barely watch one movie before you’ve arrived. So you’ll miss the long, arduous travel.

Reason 3: You Love Monotonous Ocean Views

Our picturesque White Mountains will block your views of the ocean’s flat horizon. And when they explode with vibrant colors in the fall, it will be particularly annoying.

Reason 4: You Only Swim in Murky Water

Our crystal clear, spring-fed lake won’t sting your eyes, and your feet won’t sink into muck. And you’ll miss worrying about what type of sea creature may be lurking nearby.

Reason 5: You Enjoy Feeling Hot and Sweaty Year-Round

Our Lakes Region has four seasons, so just when you’re getting acclimated, it changes. And after the leaves change color, you’ll have to pull all your ski stuff out of the closet.

Reason 6: We have far too many quaint downtown areas.

Our gourmet restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops and other non-essential activities will give you headaches.

Reason 7: You Never Eat Ice Cream

In Wolfeboro alone, there are 5 ice cream shops to distract you from your own low-fat diet. So it’s best that you avoid the temptation to eat dessert while strolling around our lake.

Reason 8: You Enjoy Walking on Paved Surfaces

Our bike trails, walking trails, ski trails, and mountain trails (leading to great views) are far too primitive. And you may have to invest in a pair of hiking shoes or cross country skis.

Reason 9: You’ll Miss Boating on Choppy Water

On calm Lake water will bore you to tears on your boat ride out to dinner. And it will be absolutely no challenge for you to sail or water-ski, if it’s not in 4-foot chop.

Reason 10: You Don’t Trust Friendly People

For some reasons, people who live or vacation here all smile and wave at each other, which is certainly suspicious. So it’s best that you avoid them altogether, because it may be contagious.

Learn more about the Lakes Region and finding your vacation home from the Dow Realty Group.

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