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The Latest Craze in Wolfeboro - Pickleball

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Pickleball anyone?  Have you ever played or even heard about the big new sport in the Lakes Region?  It actually has been around for over 50 years!  It is a wonderful sport that all ages can play.  Grab a partner and a paddle and enjoy the great game of Pickleball!

The History:

1965 :  Pickleball was created by Joel Prichard and Bill Bell in the state of Washington.  Joel was a Congressman of Washington State and Bill was a successful businessman.

During the summer of 1965 while on vacation together they created pickleball using mix matched and make-shift equipment including a badminton net, ping pong paddles and small plastic balls.

Joan Pritchard came up with the name “Pickle Ball “ from a term used in her rowing days at college:  “Pickle Boat”.

1976:  1st World Tournament

1984: The United States Amateur Pickleball Association (USAPA) was organized with an official rule book.

A Corporation was formed as USA Pickleball Association.

1990: Pickleball is being played in all 50 states.

2022:  Today there are over 53,000 players with a USA Pickleball Membership.


Types of Pickleball Strokes:

  1. Groundstroke
  2. Volley
  3. Dink
  4. Lob
  5. Overhead smash


Lakes Region link for Pickleball information:

Pickleball in Wolfeboro, NH - lrpickleball (

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